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The LOOK Experience

LOOK Cinemas was inspired by an important question: In a world that has all different types of content available and at our fingertips, what would make visiting our theaters special – how would our experience differ from that of our competitors?


Elevated Entertainment

We are innovators in the entertainment space and offer our guests the technology to fully enjoy their experience at LOOK – from the moment they purchase a ticket to the last rolling credit.

We offer our guests a premium movie-watching experience – laser projection, large screens, state-of-the-art sound and luxury seating. Our LOOK + Dine mobile technology gives guests control over their food and beverage ordering. They choose their items, customize their orders and pay all from their phone.

We don't make it until our guests order it. This ensures their food is freshly made, great tasting and the perfect temperature when it arrives to their seats. Whether they choose the traditional movie-going favorites or one of our signature items, our chef-inspired menu and craft beverages complete a great experience.

At Your Service

Hospitality + Community

Ultimately, our purpose is to bring people together. When guests choose LOOK, we want them to feel like they can escape for a while and share an incredible entertainment experience with the ones they love.

When guests enter our doors, LOOK team members treat them like guests in their own homes and our Service Ninjas deliver orders quickly and quietly to ensure the service is as distraction-free as possible.

We're all about our community, both inside and outside our doors. We source locally, support community organizations, and pay our team members a living wage. We strive to play an important role in the local scene.