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RELEASE DATE: Friday, Aug 02, 2024

DIRECTOR: Henry Loevner, Steven Kanter

CAST: Fred Melamed, William Neff, Ben Coleman, Derrick DeBlasis, Claudia Restrepo, Stephanie Courtney, Caroline Kwan

New York yuppies Amy & Max arrive in the wealthy resort town of Jackson Hole, Wyoming for a summer vacation. Amy wants to enjoy a romantic getaway with her fiancé. But Max neglects Amy to spend the week working, leaving her to wander town alone. Amy finds a friend in Loren, a local wilderness guide who takes her fly fishing. She’s immediately drawn to this magnetic, free spirited stranger. Both lonely and lost in their own lives, Amy & Loren share an instant connection. When Max is called away on business, Amy & Loren spend the week together exploring the Tetons. As her bond with Loren grows into something more than friendship, Amy questions whether she’ll return to NYC with Max after all.

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NR 1hr 22min Comedy, Drama, Romantic
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