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LOOK Brewing Co.

LOOK Brewing Co. brews are currently pouring at our Chandler, AZ location, and coming soon nationwide.

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Meet Our Brews

Caramelly, Toasty, Grainy
Scottish Fling

Scottish Ale, ABV 4.8%, SRM 18, IBUs 26

Marisa Says: The Fling is one of my favorite styles to brew and fills the brewhouse with amazing smells! It's a recipe that I have always wanted to create and now I have!

Crisp, Clean, Naked
Spotlight Golden Ale

Blonde Ale, ABV 4.9%, SRM 3, IBUs 21

Marisa Says: I wanted a light beer on the menu and Spotlight is a deliciously basic beer that goes with anything and everything!

Citrus, Honey, Wheaty
Lights, Camera, Honey Wheat!

Blood Orange Honey Wheat, ABV 6.1, SRM 4, IBUs 28

Marisa Says: This is one one of my favorites so far to create and name. I had extra honey laying around, so why not toss it in?

Juicy, Tropical, Fruity
LOOKs a Bit Hazy

NEIPA, ABV 6.2, SRM 5, IBUs 58

Marisa Says: Hazy beers are all the craze. You can't not have one on tap - and now we do!

Spicey, Piney, Slight Grapefruit

West Coast IPA, ABV 6.6%, SRM 7, IBUs 70

Crisp, Slight Hop, Clean
Strange Brew

German Pilsner, ABV 4.7%, SRM 4, IBUs 37

Clean, Rich, Malty

Marzen, ABV 6.0%, SRM 15, IBUs 18

Pumpkin Pie in a Beer
Angry Elf

Pumpkin Ale, ABV 6.7%, SRM 14, IBUs 17

Malty with Hops
Beta Alpha

Black IPA, ABV 7.6%, SRM 40, IBUs 63

Meet Our Brewer
Marisa Bernal
Head Brewer

My background starts back at Texas A&M University, where I received a BS in Food Science & Technology. I definitely tried my fair share of beer and spirits while I was there. After school, I went out to California and worked harvests at Epoch Wines. But after 2 harvests, I realized that my love for craft beer outweighed my love for wine, so I moved back to Albuquerque, NM (my home town) and began working as an assistant brewer. In 2018, I was promoted to Head Brewer. Now, I'm at LOOK Dine-In Cinemas as head brewer and have the freedom to brew my style...classic, simple but creatively complex. I brew true to style. If the beer is supposed to be a German Pilsner, I want it to taste like something you would get in Germany.