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LOOK Cinemas
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A LOOK Within and Beyond

LOOK started with a blank piece of paper and a face reflecting off of a computer screen. In a world full of content at our fingertips, what makes going to the movies special? With that question, LOOK Cinemas was born.

A center of content and community, LOOK features a variety of programming and community events. You can easily book a private auditorium for you and your friends to create a customizable viewing experience. 

We want you to have an exceptional experience without the interruptions of food service. Our unique Look & Dine technology allows you to order and pay on your phone and receive your food to your seat without interruptions.

Our world class menu looks beyond the traditional moviegoing fare with everything from cocktails to pizza to sushi. But don’t worry, we still have amazing popcorn.

In the end, what really makes a LOOK experience meaningful is sharing a film with our community. We want to connect with you!


We want to hear from you!  We’re opening dine-in cinemas across the country.

We LOOK forward to seeing you very soon.

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